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MLS in Austin Supporters Group

Austin's soccer supporters group and the local community that's helping to bring a Major League Soccer team to Austin, Texas in 2019.

MLS in Austin

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MLS in Austin Stadium Watch: Butler Shores

On December 7th, Precourt Sports Ventures (PSV) released renderings of a potential soccer stadium, nestled neatly in the heart of downtown Austin. The proposed site is Butler Shores Park, situated on the river between Zilker Park and the Zach Theatre. ...

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What We Believe

Note: This article will be periodically updated. If you’ve been sent this link, it may have been a polite way to respond that we’ve already addressed your question/claim/concern or that you’re perhaps going down a path without a constructive outcome. ...

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Sunday 10/22: Event Schedule Update.

Watch Party Postponement A few members of our local supporter community have reached out with a concern that the Crew SC / NYCFC watch party might be “too soon” and/or feel it’s a bit like “dancing on the graves” of ...

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Austin Isn’t Going to MLS. MLS Will be Coming to Austin.

…MLS Will be Coming to Austin.A message from MLS in Austin Supporters Group founder Josh Babetski: The announcement that MLS’ Columbus Crew SC could be moving to Austin, Texas is a huge step forward for our effort and validation of ...

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MLS in Austin Logo History
A History of MLS in Austin Logos

First Meetup
First Group Meetup


A Brief History.

In 2013, we started the MLS in Austin initiative through Supporters Union. We were and the first independent community and only supporters group organized to grow awareness and involvement around bringing a Major League Soccer franchise to Austin.

By working with soccer supporters from around the Austin area, working with the right owner(s), making a strong case for support to city leaders, educating the local media, and working with the league itself, Austin will become one of the most unique stories in all of MLS.

Our immediate goal is to demonstrate the size of Austin’s fan base and commitment to having a team in Austin – using our resources to introduce more fans to soccer, promote our mission with the community and government officials, and ensure that a soccer-specific stadium is built as close to Austin’s urban core as possible in order to secure the relocation of an MLS team to Austin.

A Bright Future.

Once our team has relocated to Austin, we’ll begin shifting toward a new supporters group identity to compliment the team identity and reflect the power of Austin supporters. As a member, you’ll have a voice too.

Today, we're focused on local engagement as a supporters group as well as continuing to be your news and information source for the latest updates on our progress.

We hope you will join us and help rally and recruit supporters from all over Austin's soccer community, as well as new fans to cheer with us into the future.


Membership Packages

We have three different ways for you to supprt together in 2018. Memberships run for one year and must be renewed annually.

Casual Membership

Price: Free

You are on your way to a bright career in soccer fandom. Welcome to the group!

Supporter Membership

Price: $30/year

You bring the noise, you bring the ruckus. You have match-day outfits and know the words to all the chants — your voice is gravel at the end of 90-minutes. You make the stadium rock!

Premier Membership

Price: $150/year

You are legend. You know that the flags don't hang themselves, elves don't paint the tifo, and we didn't steal the drums off a truck (as far as you know). Your support is unwavering and epic, you are truly a benefactor and VIP to supporter culture.

Membership Perks and Benefits

Casual Free Supporter $30/year Premier $150/year
A 12-month Casual Membership to MLS in Austin SG A 12-month Supporter Membership to MLS in Austin SG A 12-month Premier Membership to MLS in Austin SG
Newsletter Subscription Newsletter Subscription Newsletter Subscription
Future Discounts and offers from partners, sponsors, and/or the SG Future Discounts and offers from partners, sponsors, and/or the SG Future Discounts and offers from partners, sponsors, and/or the SG
Invitations to meet-ups and other supporters group functions Invitations to meet-ups and other supporters group functions Invitations to meet-ups and other supporters group functions
A crisp high-five from the membership team upon request. A membership kit containing the 2018 MLS in Austin SG editions of
  • Collectible Lapel Pin
  • Scarf
  • Car Magnet
  • 5 Pack of Stickers
A membership kit containing the 2018 MLS in Austin SG editions of
  • Collectible Lapel Pin
  • Scarf
  • Car Magnet
  • 5 Pack of Stickers
    Additional membership kit items
  • To Be Announced
    Eligibility to be on the SG branding and identity committee
    Additional perks to be announced later

Supporters Union

Supporting Austin Soccer Supporters.

MLS in Austin is a member of Supporters Union, a collection of supporters groups and independant fans for our future MLS team. Supporters Union also promotes and assists the local supporters groups for other leagues, as well as charitable efforts in the Austin, Texas area. The city is home to many diverse supporters groups and organizations with fans from all over the country and the world.

Support Together.

Please visit Supporters Union for additional information on the clubs, pubs, and other supporters groups in the Austin-area.

Supporters Union


Answers to some common questions.

If your questions aren't answered below, please contact us.


How can I get involved?
Become a member.
Read our periodic newsletters.
Follow us on Medium, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Is the supporters group really going to be called "MLS in Austin"?
Absolutely not! The name and colors are temporary until we get closer to knowing the branding of our local team, then we'll rebrand to compliment it with something very unique and very Austin (we have a long list of ideas). Early members will be a part of the branding process – Join today!
Learn more about our current branding and our go-forward strategy
If I've never been part of a Supporters Group, can I join?
Yes! We want to build a modern supporters group full of a diverse and broad cross-section of Austin. Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. and supporter culture is rapidly evolving. Help us take it to the next level.
Who is behind the the MLS in Austin awareness campaign?
Members of Supporters Union, an umbrella supporters organization providing promotion, support, and advocacy for soccer in Austin. We're not a soccer club, not in local government, and not building a stadium, so the only agenda we have is to make soccer in Austin successful. We have members from local supporters groups, soccer clubs, soccer pubs and other related businesses as part of the community and in leadership roles in the organization. We hope this will make us the most reliable, effective, and unbiased initiative to inform and build community support.


I'm already a fan of (Insert team name here). They're much better than any MLS club, why should I care about bringing a team to Austin?
Austin is a fast growing market and the largest one in the country without a professional team at the highest level. If you love the beautiful game and you love Austin, why wouldn't you want to bring the game to a higher level here?
How will Austin get to MLS?
The owners of Columbus Crew SC have announced their intention to relocate to Austin if they can get a stadium deal worked out.


Where will the stadium be located?
Stadium location plans aren't yet public, but based on existing criteria and the local real estate market, there are a large number of locations near and in the downtown area that would be suitable.
Will they put it out at Circuit of the Americas?
No. The MLS stadium would not be as far away as CotA.
The stadium will likely not be too far from the downtown area.
Why should I care about building a stadium in Austin?
A stadium would likely be privately financed, so the millions of dollars in revenue it generates and the jobs it will create help the local economy.
A large stadium creates opportunities for international friendlies, national team matches, and a facility for performance from that huge band/singer you love.
The current largest local venue, the Frank Erwin Center is slated to be demolished in the next few years. This will leave Austin with no location to host high-capacity events.


We welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions. Got a question? Please ask. We're here to help.

Thanks for being part of the MLS in Austin community.