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What are the membership levels?
Free! Membership is free and we encourage everyone to get involved.
If I've never been part of a Supporters Group, can I join?
Yes! We want to build a modern supporters group full of a broad cross-section of the colorful characters of Austin.
What happened to Amplifier Austin?
Amplifier Austin and MLS in Austin are the same. The Amplifier Austin name was focused on supporting the local team as well as supporting the larger MLS effort. With local soccer on hiatus, we're currently more focused on MLS. Once the plans for Austin's team to retake the field are announced, we'll begin re-establishing plans for match day activities and a leadership group to administer it – maybe under another name.

MLS in Austin

I'm already a fan of (Insert team name here). They're much better than any MLS club, why should I care about bringing a team to Austin?
Austin is a fast growing market and the largest one in the country without a professional team at the highest level. If you love the beautiful game and you love Austin, why wouldn't you want to bring the game to a higher level here?
Relationships with MLS bring other benefits like a large stadium. A large stadium creates opportunities for international friendlies, national team matches, and a facility for performance from that huge band/singer you love.
Speaking of stadiums. Why should you care about building a stadium in Austin?
A stadium would likely be privately financed, so the millions of dollars in revenue it generates and the jobs it will create help the local economy.
As mentioned above, a modern stadium will attract other soccer events, concerts, conventions, and more.
If I don't want to cheer at matches as a supporter but still want to help bring MLS to Austin, can I join?
Yes! This is a campaign that will be built by the soccer fans of tomorrow.
What's Austin doing to land a professional soccer team?
The good news is: we have a USL club, which is on hiatus in 2016 as they search for a stadium. The Austin Aztex played in Division 3: USL in 2015.
Do you have a petition I can sign?
No. MLS is years away. Right now the focus is on organization and building local support. Down the road is where we start actively petitioning to demonstrate we've made the right moves and the support is now place to bring a team to town.
Who is behind the the MLS in Austin awareness campaign?
Members of Supporters Union, a collective of individuals and organizations invested in soccer in Austin. We're not a soccer club, not in local government, and not building a stadium, so the only agenda we have is to make sure all of the pieces are in place to make it a no-brainer to award Austin a franchise someday. We do however have members from local supporters groups, soccer clubs, soccer pubs and other related businesses as part of the community. We hope this will make us the most reliable, effective, and unbiased initiative to inform and build community support.
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